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Listen to the poet read the poem here.

single girl with Trump in hand; A Success Story.
partnered with black bag glamorous, louder than herself,
sipping juice- no spectacle.

gaunt man.
thoughts and coffee black,
leaning front, to stare intently at
the empty seat across him.

aging women,
careless dress- friends, probably.
both leaning back;
the animated right, mouth and lips, arms, fingers.
left just listening with latte.

boy in corner,
six, seventeen? no doubt student;
muted here i am too fucking busy to
be busy fucking, like i should be.
papers, pen and discontentment
even with the slurpy.
earphones keep him under.

lonely young woman
preoccupied with the
unoccupied seat, across her.
small, sad bites and a lifeless phone
she eyes, beside the tea.

then the cleaner, old, presuming
himself transparent;
rag, tray and can i clear the cup please.
all decline, distracted, absent.
but he clears up after them anyway-
juice, coffee, latte, slurpy, tea.

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